The South Sudan Law Society (SSLS) is a voluntary association of lawyers from across South Sudan and the diaspora established in 1994. Its membership includes judges, magistrates, legal academics, law students, and lawyers working for the government, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and in private practice. The SSLS’s mandate, vision, mission and core values are as follows:


To protect the rights of the people of South Sudan and promote the interests of its members through legal interventions and legal empowerment in accordance with human rights and humanitarian law.


Access to justice for all in South Sudan.


To advocate for rule of law, good governance and respect for human rights. SSLS is governed by a Board of Directors and a secretary. The Board of Directors serves as the policy body of the organization responsible for making policies and overseeing the work of the secretariat. While the secretariat serves as the executive body responsible for implementing the policies of the organization and carrying out the day to day work of the organization.


To provide legal services in a prompt, efficient, respectful and meaningful manner, and to be committed to the delivery of quality services to our members and clients.

To treat communications with our clients as privileged and confidential and to protect our clients from the unnecessary disclosure of personal and proprietary information.

To uphold transparency, honesty and accountability in all of our activities.

To adhere to moral and ethical principles and practices.

To treat everyone with dignity and respect. 

To work together to achieve our goals.

To promote of the administration of justice in South Sudan.

To offer pro bono legal services to all in need without the expectation


The secretariat is structured into five departments and has 22 staff:

  • Department for Finance and Administration,
  • Department for Human Rights and Governance,
  • Department for Research and Documentation,
  • Department for Legal Aid,
  • Department for Logistics and Procurement.

In addition to that its head office in Juba, the capital city of South Sudan, the SSLS has field offices across South Sudan in Torit, Nimule, Yei, Wau and Bor. 


In the 2018-19 financial year, South Sudan Law Society is undertaking work in 5 Programme Areas: 

  • Law Reform
  • Governance and Constitutional reform
  • Land and Property Rights 
  • Legal Aid
  • Research and documentation and dissemination of the signed Revitalised Peace Agreement 2018

“South Sudan Law Society has managed its own large grants as lead organization and has also implemented grants as an implementing partner with other NGOs.”

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We put the Power of Law in People’s Hands

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The SSLS is a membership-based civil society
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